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Skills of Tomorrow

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Equipping the next generation with the right skills and attitudes to meet the challenges of tomorrow is essential to our future growth, we need to foster their imagination, innovation and invention.

Schools can only do so much with the resources they have and it is the responsibility of businesses and the community to work with them to produce the workforce of the future. 

This award seeks to recognise the businesses and organisations that are striving to meet this challenge. 

Judges will be looking for organisations with innovative ideas that are delivering results with evidence of how they are making a difference. They will be looking for entries that go beyond the curriculum and contribute to developing useful skills, positive attitudes and wellbeing. 

Entries are welcomed from businesses, schools, academy chains, academic institutions and charities striving to put in place practices or procedures to enable the next generation to prosper. 

Please complete the below questions in the entry form.

The word limit is 500 words per answer.

Anything longer than this will be truncated and will not be considered.

Photos and images will be accepted. 

  1. How does your initiative equip young people with the right skills and attitudes to meet the challenges of tomorrow?
  2. How did you identify a need for your initiative and what challenges did you encounter when bringing it to life?
  3. Please describe the results of your initiative and provide evidence of its impact.
  4. What does the future hold for your initiative?